Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Droning on about a wage cut

The British legal profession is in tears. It seems that George Bush and his gang of trigger-happy yanks have simply “assassinated” a known British mussulman terrorist in Pakistan. Apparently, the British terrorist in question (whom the BBC, mouthpiece of the British ruling class, prefers to call a “UK militant”) was once arrested in Pakistan. However, the guards driving the vehicle taking him to jail stopped to let him go pray in a mosque whilst they had a quiet fag, whereupon he promptly became unarrested by making for the back entrance. Thinking they could maybe improve on this suspiciously lackadaisical approach, the said George Bush and his gang of trigger-happy yanks sent one of those drone things over the border from Afghastlystan to cook this terrorist’s goose by remote control. Frit is of the opinion that having your goose cooked by remote control, by an unfeeling machine to which you having your goose cooked or not is entirely immaterial, is a very insulting and befitting way of having your goose cooked if you happen to be a terrorist. But the British legal people look at it in a different way. They were looking forward to this individual being rearrested and brought back to Blighty for some very large sums of money to be earned over a period of many many years. It is a very serious blow to their finances. They are just livid. “Senior Members of Parliament” are asking questions. Quite rightly! How could those uppity yanks simply go and do such a thing to such a promising meal ticket of a British citizen? They should stick to frying their oversized burgers instead of frying our choice British mussulman terrorists. And we would have won the Second World War without them anyway!