Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Brown fish

Frit reads that, according to fishmongers, a type of fish, the dab, which fell out of favour with diners in Britain because it is “unpleasant tasting” is now making a comeback as it is cheap and all the British people can now afford, thanks to the efforts of unelected Prime Minister of Britain Boredom Brown. Curiously, the dab is described as a “small brown fish”, and, looking at this picture, Frit could swear it sports but a single eye. Meanwhile, after revelations that North Korea’s unsavoury leader Kim Jong-il eats live fish, it is rumoured that Brown is now thinking of seeking refuge from the electorate and the expense account police in that country, safe in the knowledge that many have mistaken him for a one-eyed fish down the years, but never for a live one.