Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Pirate Party

Whilst it is depressing to see that parochial national socialist dross dressed in right wing clothing, such as the British BNP party, gained ground in the European elections, it is encouraging to see that true parties of the right, such as the Dutch Party for Freedom, also made headway. However, the elections also served to highlight the inbuilt Achilles heel of democracy in that some 9 % of the electorate in Sweden, i.e. juvenile nitwits, voted for the Pirate Party, the sole aim of which is to alter the patent and copyright laws to the detriment of the creative in order to provide free music, films and video games. Screw economic and foreign policy; just give us something for nothing. Frit is now thinking of campaigning to allow five-year-olds to vote, whereupon he intends to found the Pirate Theme Birthday Party party to get a seat in the European Parliament himself.