Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Cruelty to animals

When asked by a small boy, on camera, to confirm he was born in Hawaii, the Multimillionaire White Mohammedan Nobel Laureate Joker President replied “Yeah, I was born in Hawaii, that’s true. Absolutely and my . . . my sister still lives in Hawaii. And we got a dog named Bo”. The amazing thing about this abrupt change of subject trick was its crudity. A bit like seeing the conjurer putting the rabbit into the hat with one hand before pulling it out with the other. It is so obvious. So badly done. Why do they not notice?

It is also tantamount to abusing a dumb animal incapable of giving informed consent to its being used as a prop in hoodwinking the American people. And dogs are so trusting. Frit is having his people write to PETA demanding they rescue the dog. As everyone knows, PETA is an organization that collects money from the gullible and the young for the purpose of finding dogs new homes, but instead executes them and pockets the savings. No matter, Frit is sure that the poor mutt in question would much rather spend its time fouling the pavements of heaven than suffering mistreatment at the hands of an inept showman down here. The photograph shows the brute in question poking his dog in the ear with a stick for being blacker than him.