Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Jew boy found skulking in mosque?

Frit reads that the family of Madmood Madjihadimad apparently changed its name from Sabourjian, a Jewish name meaning "cloth weaver," to Madjihadimad when it converted to Islam after his birth. Thus his reason for being so big on hating the Jew hiding behind the tree is simply because he himself is the Jew hiding behind the tree and doesn’t want his fellow madmen to notice. Frit says, pull the other one! Were this true his relationship with his new found friend the Multimillionaire White Mohammedan Joker President (who also once went by a different name, i.e. Barry, which is a Mussulman name meaning “one who will ruin your country and the entire fabric of western civilization should you be stupid enough to elect him infidel cloth weaver fool”), wouldn’t be heading anywhere at all. (Strange how the phrase “be headed” always seems to creep in when discussing issues relating to Mussulmen.)