Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Polar bears destroy western civilization

In his attempts at saving the world from the green disaster of the upcoming Copenhagen global climate treaty, Frit recently put himself through the ordeal of having dinner with Unelected Prime Minister of Britain and arch warmer, Boredom Brown. The aim was to try to convince him that if you only have half the number of eyes possessed by the standard human being you can reasonably be expected to see only half the thermometer and only half the north pole etc.. To no avail. The addled wretch is of the opinion that “The great injustice of climate change” is that “those being hit first and hardest by it are those who have done least to cause it”. This is an unshakable collective warmist religious conviction and a supremely effective strategy for getting the hands ever deeper into the pockets and the pants of the gullible and the young. No matter that those who have done the least owe their very existence to those who have done the most. No matter that giving all the money of those who have done the most to those who have done the least, which is the aim of the treaty, can only make the former worse off and never make the latter better off.

Frit blames it all on the polar bear. The polar bear is the most vile and vicious slaughtering machine that ever drew breath, and which the planet could well do without. But the polar bear is gift wrapped in white fur and lives in wet conditions where the blood gets quickly washed off. This makes it an acceptable, cuddly, likeable symbol, just perfect for feeding the warming doom message to our children, irrespective of it having been feeding itself on our children since time began.