Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Incitement to murder

Frit is breathless with admiration for this section of a BBC report on the visit of Gerd Wilders to London: “He was quizzed about his views on Islam and his unsuccessful attempt in the Dutch parliament to get the Koran banned, using the same laws under which Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf was outlawed”. They so smoothly would have us believe they are thus saying that a thoroughly good read, i.e. the Koran, must not be placed in the same category as a thoroughly bad read, i.e. Mein Kampf, whereas, of course, the real intention of the statement is simply to associate the name of Wilders with the name of Adolph Hitler anyway one can.

During the visit, Frit was not amused to see a “reporter” interviewing a retarded yob in a London street making what amounted to death threats against Gerd Wilders. The “reporter” then addressed him as “Sir”! Frit was so irritated by this that he has had his legal department write to the British Home Secretary reminding him that British law states:

Encouraging or assisting an offence believing it will be committed

Section 45 creates the crime of:
Doing an act capable of encouraging or assisting the commission of an offence; and
Believing that:

§ The offence will be committed; and
§ His act will encourage or assist its commission.

The offence is triable in the same manner, summarrarily or on indictment, as the anticipated offence (s.55(1)) and, on conviction, a person can be sentenced to the same penalty as applies to the anticipated offence (s.58).

Frit is not expecting a prompt reply.