Monday, 19 October 2009

Green subsidence

Frit’s anti global warming hoax organization WOW (War on Warmers) has discovered that the pretty town of Staufen im Breisgau in southern Germany has become the first town in the world ever to be laid waste by warming dogma. Warmers in that town were determined to do their bit to save the climate by heating their ancient town hall with green geothermal heat rather than red fossil fuel heat. So intense was their warming zeal that they ignored geological advice and bored several green warming holes hundreds of warming meters into the ground. These holes allowed water from the bowels of the earth to seep upwards into layers of rock that dissolve in water. The pretty medieval town instantly started to sink into the resulting cavities with disturbing speed. The medieval town hall and all the other medieval buildings are cracking and disintegrating. Nobody knows how to slow, arrest or reverse the process. People can only stand by and watch as their homes and businesses fall to pieces and vanish into the ground. Media reports on this green crime are extremely few and far between. Frit proposes that the townspeople seek compensation from the media and from Multimillionaire Great Gore.