Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Abu Bonanza

In their wisdom, three British Judges (combined income fifty zillion pounds a year) have released a known terrorist from custody, a man wanted on terrorism charges in Algeria, the United States, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, and his native Jordan! The British Home Secretary and other British government people (combined income fifty zillion pounds a year) think this is a shame. The three judges insist it is not a shame, so the issue will be put back with the lawyers (combined income fifty zillion pounds a year) and dropped into the laps of some more judges (combined income fifty zillion pounds a year). And so it goes on. The “debate” rages on openly in the foreground whilst the cash is discretely raked in behind the scenes.

The terrorist in question ferreted his way into Britain 15 years ago with a false passport, a wife and two children (now increased to five, all supported by the state). The legal profession saw big, bright dollar signs in this man’s eyes right from the start. The sum of money raked in by the various legal leeches, policemen and labour party members who have all been earning from him since that time is extraordinarily huge. Had he been simply and deservedly thrown into the Atlantic Ocean, right at the outset, not a penny would have been made from him. This, and nobody’s social conscience and nobody’s human rights, is the true reason terrorism is so hard to defeat.