Monday, 16 June 2008

Bogtrotter says boo to EU

The horrible bogtrotter, a very major beneficiary of EU funding, has voted against the Lisbon Treaty. This is called biting the hand that feeds you potatoes. And the sad fact is that this has not been done in rejection of the socialist megastate into which the ruling class have turned the EU, it has been done because the EU is amazingly deemed not socialist enough and thus fails to gain the blessing of terrorist communist mafioso Gerry Adams and his like! And, of course, it has also been done in simple rejection of being too closely associated with foreigners, i.e. with anyone who is not of the bog, anyone whose diet includes more than just potatoes, fags and beer that tastes like soap, anyone who lives on proper dry land.

In Frit’s opinion, the bogtrotter should now be ejected from the EU altogether. He should be left to stand on his own webbed feet. And he should be made to pay back all the money. He can surely earn it playing sentimental tunes on his tin whistle whilst jigging up and down – such a fascinating culture! As for Gerry Adams, he should simply be dressed in orange pyjamas and taken to join his fellow travellers in Guantanamo Bay.