Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Older not wiser

The process of aging is a very natural one. The body ages, and along with it the mind. The minds of the young are open. This makes the young always think they can shape the world in a better way. With age comes the realisation that this is not at all so, that these notions were just immature.
Sadly, many individuals become socially engaged on the back of their youthful immature notions, early on in their lives. Their careers, finances and social lives are founded on them so they then find themselves with no choice other than to go on upholding them despite aging and gradually seeing the true light. Frit has great sympathy for such unfortunate individuals. Shoving bonky, immature notions into the gullible and the young when you’re forty is one thing, having to go on doing it when you’re sixty is quite another.

Frit’s latest business idea is the “Grow up teacher, you got it all wrong” scheme, aimed at offering really expensive counselling services to such unfortunates in an attempt to get them back on the right road.