Tuesday, 5 August 2008

The Great Olympic Meddle

As is widely known, mention of the word “communism” is apt to make Frit bilious and overcome with bouts of migraine, hopelessness and depression. Nevertheless, communism has brought the world one important plus, in that it has brought us fewer Chinamen. Yes, the Chinese communist party’s draconian but sensible breeding policies are the reason all of us are still alive today. The total of 1,327,479,315 Chinamen living on mainland China as Frit writes (see http://www.cpirc.org.cn/en/eindex.htm to watch this figure steadily rising) is far too big a total of Chinamen, but nowhere near as dangerously far too big a total as it would have been had this policy not been pursued.

Those who rule us and feed us the news and opinions like to bash the Chinamen as often as possible over “human rights” and over the big chief Tibetan monk, the Downright Lama, who amazingly claims to be some sort of re-embodiment without anybody seeming to say “come off it, pull the other one”. And this Chinaman bashing goes double right now when so many of our heroic journalists are in China for the tedious Olympic Games. Frit’s advice to all concerned is to close your eyes and visualise the very big number 1,327,479,315 and rising before doing any Olympic meddling and holding forth with fancy sixth form pronouncements about human rights. The human rights of 1,327,479,315 people and rising is a very great and dangerous number of human rights that, if let rip by mere way of satisfying the sanctimonious and simple-minded, could all so easily turn into an equally enormous number of disastrous human wrongs extending far beyond the borders of China itself.