Tuesday, 19 August 2008

David and Goliew

Can anyone explain the shameful episode going on in Georgia right now? I know many in the media can explain it, and are doing so all day long. But they don’t count. It requires proper explanation, not the kind of explanation you get from people paid big money to fill in two minutes of airtime with fast words. The term “mismatch”, used by one of them, just about sums up all their efforts. Whenever David takes on Goliath, David is always the heroic, innocent party, Goliath always the evil bully. Simple as that.

Back in the real world, we need to know the answers to questions such as:
· Why do we support the independence of Kosovo and set a precedent, then decry the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia?
· Why would we expect the Russians to stand by and watch their southern borders turn into a morass?
· Why would the Georgian President, a man with extremely hyperactive mouth parts, think NATO would want to go to war with Russia on his behalf? Is he mad?
· We know the Russians embraced bolshevism, causing the Second World War and plunging their own country as well as half of Europe into despair and misery for the best part of a century. But they came through that and managed to make immense social changes without plunging us all into more war. So don’t we have to thank Putin for keeping a lid on all that? Aren’t Russians proper white men, after all, deserving of our support, that they might complete their hazardous transformation without disaster?
· If Georgia is an independent nation, why did the Russians allow Stalin, a Georgian, to rule them?
· Is Eduard Shevardnadze right, when he says: “Yes, they (the Americans) are friends, they supported Georgia in the past, and they support us now, they support us financially and morally but I cannot understand at all why the Americans now have started to put these radars on European territory. I cannot understand it, I just cannot understand their motives. I m not young and I am a very experienced politician and when I make analysis of their behaviour, I cannot see any logical reason why they need this now”? (See http://www.russiatoday.com/guests/detail/1457 for more)
· Do we really want another cold war?
· Why have the people in the Georgia area historically lived in stone towers rather than in houses?

But, whatever the answers, and however it happened, Frit notes that we have President B.A. Barackabama to thank for ending it. “Putin bent to Obama’s will”, claims a lunatic democrat on American TV. He’s only been president and saviour for a short while but he’s already working those miracles.