Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Self-obsessed lowlife career terrorist goes free

Frit notes that the legal profession in Spain, which has been making a very good living from prosecuting and defending ETA terrorists for so many years, has now released from prison one of ETA’s very best killers, a man who has served 21 years for murdering 25 innocent complete strangers. This is less than one year per murdered innocent complete stranger. Perhaps the legal system’s hope is that he murder another 25 innocent complete strangers so it can start earning from him all over again. Few profits are presumably being made from him whilst he just sits in jail.
Frit notes that Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, a man with a lot of name but little honour, speaks fine words of condemnation about this but does nothing whatsoever about it and stops far short of resigning office in protest. There’s money in fine words, none in honour.