Monday, 18 August 2008

Frit for furry fairness

In an earlier post, Frit commented on the opening of the World Aids Conference. He notes that this conference is now at an end. It seems to have been a “great success”. How could any event that combines hectomillionaire Bill Clinton and the United Nations be anything but? Apparently, death from aids “is no longer a problem” in the western world, but “is still a problem” in the developing world. And this, it has been decided by hectomillionaire Clinton and Co., must be addressed. In other words, the conference has managed to circumvent the biological realities of aids, successfully boiling down the entire issue to a question of straightforward good old fashioned celebrity showmanship and socialist “fairness”.

Being a fairer minded person than hectomillionaire Clinton will ever be, Frit now believes the fairest approach of all is to purposely infect the entire human race with aids. It’s simply not egalitarian and socialist and furry enough for some of us not to have it whilst others have. C’mon Bill, admit it. You’ll never be as fair as Frit. Never!