Monday, 4 August 2008

Cash for Karadzic

Serge Brammertz (pictured here looking mighty fine), the legal blatherer who took over from legal blatherer Carla del Ponte as Chief Prosecutor for the Ultimate Temple of Holiness, the United Nations, is set to make even more cash out of Karadzic than del Ponte made out of Milosevic during his shamefully expensive four year politically motivated trial. The first thing Brammertz (and his large team of other big earning folk) are set to do is review “the indictment which was last amended in 2000. We will ensure that it reflects the current case law, facts already established by the court and evidence collected over the past eight years.”

In other words repeat the “work” already done by his predecessor and for which she was already paid!

"Of course it will take some months before the prosecution and defence will be ready to start,” he barefacedly goes on to admit. Then the profitable trial will go on for years, followed by all the lucrative appeals. Frit, who is hard up, is now seriously trying to get in on the Great International Serb Screwing Scam himself, but they just won’t let you in if your views are not kosher or if it takes you less than several years to come up with a guilty verdict that was a foregone conclusion in the first place.