Friday, 7 May 2010

Elected at last

Unelected Prime Minister of the UK, office bully Boredom Brown, has now finally and rightly been elected the ex-unelected Prime Minister of the UK. At present he seems to have taken a leaf from ex-German Chancellor Gerhard Sewer Rat Schroeder’s book, claiming “nobody but me” after defeat. His “duty” is to stay in office for the sake of the country. For the public good, you know.

Having completely mortgaged and pauperized Britain during his years in office, both as Chancellor and unelected Prime Minister, having bored everyone to tears and browned everyone off for what seems an age, in the opinion of Frit it is not sufficient for elected ex-unelected Prime Minister Brown to now simply slink off back to yon bonnie banks and yon bonnie braes to enjoy the fruits of his expense account frauds for the rest of his dismal life. Someday Brown and his ilk have to be held to account for their misdeeds. Stupidity is no defense. Ideology is no defense. Nor is being a dreary bigoted turd. He must be arrested, tried for ruining and embarrassing his country, must be found guilty and condemned to end it all by swallowing his own glass eye.