Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Environmental catastrophe

Once upon a time, when Frit was dabbling in the property sector, he and Mrs Frit inspected a rural property with a stream flowing through its ample grounds. Next to this stream Frit noticed an apple tree in a non-upright condition, its six inch diameter trunk having obviously been gnawed clean through by an animal. “BEAVER”, cried Frit and Mrs Frit simultaneously, looking round for a weapon and scarpering as fast as they could from the addled property owners intent on telling them all about why everyone should want a beaver in their garden.

In Frit’s world, beavers are truly accomplished environmental delinquents meriting severe control rather than protection. Thus he nods his head wisely when reading that the Polish authorities believe the antics of beavers to have been a factor in contributing to that country’s current major floods, which have claimed 15 lives and caused untold destruction. In Frit’s view, Polish beaver botherers should now either be arrested or have their feet nailed to the riverbank and their legs painted brown.