Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Eight years after 15 schoolgirls were roasted alive in Saudi Arabia when the religious police prevented their escape from their burning school on grounds of them being inadequately bagged-up, the authorities in that blessed land have now issued gracious instructions to the effect that girls are to be allowed to escape fires whatever their state of dress. In Britain, a similar Mussulmanic country where the name Mohammed has already overtaken traditional choices like Jack, Thomas and Daniel to become the number one name in several areas, and where the website of the English Defense League has been taken down for "contravening UK racism laws" (in other words for saying negative things about the religion of peace), Frit hears the new parliament might soon be considering a bill which makes it possible for un-bagged-up Mussulmanic girls to likewise escape the flames, whilst Christian girls, either bagged-up or un-bagged-up, are only permitted to escape them on condition of then being burned at the stake.

SAUDI is short for Social Asphyxiation Under Dippy Islam.