Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Brown and not so brown

Unelected Prime Minister of Britain, Boredom Brown, and unfairly media-elected President of the United States, generally known as The Multimillionaire White African King, appear to be wrangling over which of them is to lead the world out of recession and depression and save us all from the inevitably resulting Third World War.

Both are claiming this role and Frit is concerned that they might injure each other at fisticuffs, fighting for the privilege. Frit is unsure which to support. Brown has the less cocksure and reckless comedy routines of the two, having not yet appeared on TV to disparage the disabled nor to laugh and sneer at the entire financial collapse and auto industry and banking crises. He also has fewer eyes than his opponent. But the President has youth on his side and is probably too thin for Brown to land a decent punch on. He also has race on his side. And Allah. We’ll just have to wait and see which one of them kayos the other and saves our bacon first.