Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Pork pies are off, Sir

Frit notes that the lily-livered socialist individuals who run Britain have banned all pork products from the upcoming G20 banquet in deference to the idiotic archaic traditions of the adherents of a certain irritating religion that is really beginning to get on everybody’s nerves (Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are the three that are foisting their culture on all the rest). Not sure if this applies to live pigs and thus to Home Secretary and common thief Jacqui Smith, whose visual similarity to a live pig is almost universally accepted. Meanwhile, her husband has humiliatingly apologised for having watched some disturbing films at the taxpayer’s expense without going blind. Apparently, the aforementioned live pig he married was not at home when all this took sordid place. He did not specifically state whether any other pig standing in for her or any other animals involved were organically raised.