Friday, 6 March 2009

Frit for Chancellor

Boredom Brown has appealed to the US Congress to help him save the world! This is the man who claimed to have abolished “boom and bust”. He also once proclaimed that “a weak currency is a reflection of a weak economy and a weak government”. This was before the pound lost almost half its value.

One day, back when Boredom Brown was running (ruining) the British economy rather than the country as a whole, Frit noticed that a house sold for 200,000 pounds five years earlier, was now selling for 500,000 pounds. Frit worked out that, in another 5 years, the same house would be “worth” 1,250,000 pounds. In twenty years time the figure would be 19,531,250 pounds. Absurd. Given that, in terms of structure and materials, houses in this price range in Britain would be better described as hovels not worth tuppence, it seemed fairly obvious that something was very, very wrong with the economy of Britain and something very, very bad was going to happen.

If Frit and Mrs Frit could manage these simple sums, why couldn’t Chancellor Brown?