Monday, 30 March 2009

Jobs, justice and climate

Around 35,000 no-hopers with nothing to do marched through London this weekend “for jobs, justice and climate”. The counter demo would presumably be “for unemployment, injustice and no climate”. They all trooped along dripping with the milk of their own kindness and hoping to get laid, the usual bevy of minor celebrity “activists” on hand to issue encouraging simplistic gems like “politics should be about people not about profit”. Such a cute line. Spoken by an actor, of course. The actor in question once played the Baldrick character in Blackadder, the British television comody series. He has never made a penny of profit in his life, not even from making a television programme showing his own mother’s death.

Blackadder once tried to teach Baldrick mathematics (, asking “I have two beans and then I add two more beans. What does that make?”

“A very small casserole”, replied Baldrick. This, of course, was funny. At the time, we didn’t realise he couldn’t make things out any better in real life.

The picture shows the political activist in question showing off a red dress brimful of the profits that accrue from making politics about people instead of profits. Although profits less than half your age but more than twice your size perhaps don’t count.