Thursday, 19 March 2009

Meagre earnings from pirates

As predicted by anyone with any sense, there has been no decrease in piracy attempts around the horn of Africa despite the presence of many fearsome warships that are hugely expensive to maintain. Nor is there likely to be any decrease as long as the pirates (romantic word for armed robbers) know that these fearsome warships are only ever going to arrest them and never sink them.

Meanwhile, the legal system in Germany has already made some good money, but not all that much, from issuing arrest warrants for nine pirates captured by a German warship and then from changing its mind, declaring that the nine will not be taken to Germany for trial after all. The odd reason given for this decision is that “no German interests were considered endangered in the attack” on the German owned cargo ship concerned! One suspects that such a decision to refrain from sticking their snouts into the potentially extremely lucrative pirate prosecuting trough would break the heart of everyone involved in the entire western legal profession. So why would they make it? Smells like a political decision made by politicians and dressed up to look like a legal decision.