Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The new era of openness

We are in the “new era of openness” brought to us, as promised, by the Multimillionaire White African King, a being so transparent that he shares his records with just anybody. Especially his birth certificate. He would never pay a million dollars to lawyers to prevent anyone from seeing it (a photograph of a birth certificate, like the one posted on the Internet, is not a birth certificate). Nor would he ever have anything to do with having all references to the birth certificate and dubious nationality issue deleted from Wikipedia.

So are we enjoying this openness? Or are we confused? Can anyone tell Frit if America is doing a deal with the Russians concerning those missile deployments? Seems unclear. Some sources say one thing, some another. Can anyone say what the American government is saying to the Iranians? Seems unclear. Hard to judge. Too much conflicting information resulting from what almost seems to be a total lack of openness. But that simply can’t be.