Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The fear of fat

The fear of death from fat amongst those who rule us is truly widespread and has now led to a situation where emaciation has become the true badge of belonging. Something akin to the secret sign of the freemasons, emaciation is the way in which our rulers identify one another across the street. TV journalists, in particular, appear to be wasting away before our very eyes, and, as for the Multimillionaire White African King, well, what can one say? It is rumoured he spends one and a half hours in the gym each day to keep himself looking so wan and wasted. Can it be that his security people insist he be less than the thickness of a bullet? Can it be that he has an eating disorder as a direct result of fearing that another ounce might undo him when walking on water? Can it be that his wife just won’t cook him any damned thing?

Frit is concerned for his welfare and recommends lardo served with garlic, cream, and some nice red wine. Or perhaps white wine, to go with his colour. He can certainly afford a good bottle. Championing the poor and disadvantaged has already filled his coffers so well.

The pictures show him as a boy and as he is now, a mere shadow of himself.