Monday, 13 April 2009

Navy scuppers pirates, White House tries to walk off with the swag

The absurd plan to rescue Capt. Richard Phillips revealed exclusively by Frit on this site yesterday (i.e. having a pet water dog puppy swim over to lick the chops of the pirates until they all say “Ahhhh he’s so cute” and surrender) went badly awry later in the day when the on-scene commander took advantage of a loophole in his orders to fire off a full broadside, sending every one of those murderous cutthroats to a well deserved watery grave.

We shall all expect the White House to be claiming the credit for this successful action, but we know better. The orders from the top were rubbish orders, “only if” orders. The on-scene commander is the hero for interpreting the orders with flexibility. He let us down only in having not forced the one captured pirate to walk the plank at once, before the legal profession has opportunity to start eating big dinners from him.