Thursday, 2 April 2009

“Mighty Michelle” takes London by storm

The First Lady is in London for the G20 (or the “Gee, twenty!” as she thinks) and is making a big hit with her “understated chic”! Yesterday she accompanied the wife of Boredom Brown to a cancer centre where she said to one patient “Congratulations on being done!” The patient thanked her then went away to try to understand.

Later, a true showbiz dinner was enjoyed, cooked by television chef Jamie Oliver. The main course was “a shoulder of lamb from the Elwy Valley”. Nobody is saying if the sheep in question was halal (Hygienically Asphyxiated Lean Allah Lamb). Mighty Michelle sat next to Harry Potter scribbler J.K. Rowling, a woman whose incredible wealth will never make either attractive or happy. Mighty Michelle told Rowling that if Harry Potter’s first name began with a “B” instead of an “H” he would have more in common with her husband than just some slick tricks. She also said she had read Harry Potter to her daughter. “Congratulations on being done!” Rowling replied.