Monday, 6 April 2009

G20 opts for global communism

As we all suspected, the G20 bright sparks opted to lead us into a brand new era of global communism. The entire world is to be run by committees stuffed with their friends. After this had all been sewn up, Frit snuck into the official knees-up by the back door, without anybody noticing. The police were busy hiding from all those “demonstrators” outside who were smashing the windows of banks with their “YES WE CAN” placards. Concealed behind Prime Minister Boredom Brown, whom he mistook for an element of the soft furnishings, Frit then secretly took this photograph of the President of the United States bowing so low to the biggest petroleum parasite of all time that it looks as if he’s attempting to lick out the oil residue gunge from between his toes. When introduced to the Queen of England, who represents America’s closest ally, a mere nod of the head sufficed.

At last we can safely say we now have conclusive photographic evidence to prove what we always suspected – he is so intent on closing Guantanamo Bay so as not to end up there himself one day soon.