Tuesday, 14 April 2009

How much was that doggy in the window in any case?

It seems the origins of ‘Bo’ the water dog puppy are shrouded in mystery. During the election campaign the world was told that, when Barry became President Barry, the family would adopt a poor, sad, downtrodden abandoned mutt from a dog’s home rather than go out and buy one for money from a super pedigree pooch breeder like trashy rich conservatives would. But was this election promise broken?

Nobody seems to know. The dog’s birth certificate seems to have disappeared, just like Barry’s. Some say the dog was born in Kenya and not in Hawaii, as claimed, and is therefore not a true American dog and has no place gnawing bones in the White House. Some say the dog’s real father is Ted Kennedy. Others say the real father is a Kenyan animal extensively used for breeding purposes in Kenya until run over by a car in 1982. Samson, one of this dog’s many male offspring, and Bo’s brother, is a well-known sexual pervert. Recently, on his way to America to enjoy the big ceremony that was held to mark Bo’s entry into the White House, during which Bo yapped a false note and was made to yap it again in private the next day, Samson was refused entry to Britain for previously having attempted to roger a passing underage water dog puppy girl on an earlier visit to that country.

This fact was considered unfit for public consumption at the time and has only now been revealed, though with much less enthusiasm and accompanying comment than would have been the case were Bo a vicious conservative mutt instead of a friendly, cute, cuddly liberal mutt. The Bo in the picture is quite another Bo, but one that appears equally fond of being wet.