Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Unhygienic faith

British policewomen have at last been issued with headscarves so they can now enter Methodist churches without offending anybody’s strange beliefs. What a relief! British swimming pools are also permitting Methodist women to wear burkinis at certain times of day, whilst, in France, a Methodist woman was quite rightly requested to leave the pool in her burkini for reasons of hygiene. British hospitals are also permitting Methodist hospital staff to cleanse their hands with a cleansing agent that is less effective against swine flu than others but contains no alcohol. This is because they wish no personal contact with either alcohol or the swine, despite the fact that the legal adviser to the Saudi ministry of justice has reassured Methodists that whoever dies of swine flu will get the reward of a martyr, and despite the fact that the Prophet Mohamed is known to have had himself rubbed down with a bottle of rum by some underage girls and boys almost every night.

Frit took this photograph of British women gathered round the pool.