Friday, 20 November 2009

Smaller feet, smaller footprints

According to the United Nations’ ‘State of World Population report’, women have a lower carbon footprint than men. Women drive and fly much less than men and purchase fewer carbonintensive goods etc.. This idiotic assertion is not going down very well amongst Mussulmen, because, as we all know, Mussulmen regard women as extremely environmentally-unfriendly and polluting. After all, did not Muhammad inform us all that women are “unclean” creatures. Did he not say that “Three things corrupt prayer: women, dogs, and donkeys”. Did he not say that “Woman is a vile beast,” and that “Women were created for nothing but evil”.

The assertion is also not going down very well with Frit, whose wife, Mrs Frit, buys far too many of those carbonintensive cut flowers, advent calendars and other girly stuff.