Thursday, 26 November 2009

Harpo out

Mrs Frit, ever a matchmaker, suggests that the new EU President and his new EU Foreign Minister should marry, both being equally charisma-challenged. Frit is skeptical. When they get to the part of the marriage ceremony where the vicar asks if they take one another there is a danger that neither will know who the other is nor who they themselves are. And, talking of marriage, a little bird tells Frit that Worst Lady Michelle Hussein Obama has fallen out with Oprah Winfrey in a jealous fit! Apparently, Oprah was actually christened Orpah, but nobody in the family could pronounce that so they changed it to Harpo written backwards. It seems that Oprah was muscling in on Michelle’s man, who “would jump when she called”.

Frit considered posting the image of a monkey with Michelle’s features that many monkeys have been complaining to Google about in recent days (for an earlier related post see Instead, Frit posts this recent photograph which he took of Michelle in the Whitehouse gardens manually de-worming her dog, a task she was planning on delegating to Oprah in happier times.