Thursday, 19 November 2009

Earning from hunger

A lot of words are being written and sold and spoken and sold on the subject of world hunger and the Rome Food Security Summit right now. The Rome Food Security Summit is a scam where the likes of Robert Mugabe, who has probably done more than any other despot in history to make sure people in his country have nothing whatsoever to eat, can have their begging bowls filled with freebies supplied by unfair westerners who selfishly monopolize all the planet’s grub.
The Rome Food Security Summit will not link the figure of one billion hungry people with that of one billion needless births. The pretence is that those one billion needless hungry mouths have nothing to do with biology and global population mismanagement. They have just been conjured out of the air somehow and all we now have to do is somehow conjure a method of feeding them out of the air to suit. Frit, who lives in a western society where, in recent times, people worked hard to produce adequate food and fewer children to eat it, travelled to Rome to deliver the following message to the Food Security Summit: FRIT DOES NOT HAVE TOO MUCH TO EAT! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!