Thursday, 12 November 2009

Immoral Arabs

A German of Russian descent is on trial for stabbing to death a pregnant Muslim woman and injuring her husband specifically because they are Muslims. As heinous as this crime undoubtedly is, it is curious to see how much of the Muslim world has erupted in fury. In Cairo and Alexandria, the home city of the couple, there were demonstrations outside the German Embassy and German institutions. The protests spread to Iran and Karachi in Pakistan, where women held up placards denouncing the West and calling for justice for the “headscarf martyr”. German justice is, of course, not good enough, and a fatwa has been issued. Curious that wholesale butchery of the infidel in Muslim countries is not a problem to anyone whereas a single “headscarf martyr” is really, really upsetting. Curious also that the trial, for which the security operation is huge, is not being much reported on by those who feed us the news. Not even in Germany itself.

Similarly, the Turks, who divided the island of Cyprus, are guilty of equal imbalance over a bar being opened in the Christian half in what was formerly a mosque. The many churches, graveyards etc. located in their own half of the island that they have destroyed completely, desecrated or turned into head chopping off factories and so forth simply don’t count.

Kemal Ataturk declared that “Islam – the theology of an immoral Arab – is a dead thing. It might have suited tribes in the desert. It is no good for a modern, progressive state”. Sadly, the Turks are now increasingly embracing that theology and moving backwards towards the Middle Ages. They are a disgrace to the absurd looking bird after which they named their country. Frit suggests they rename it after the bird pictured, the Scimitar-babbler, making themselves the “Scimitar-babblers”, a much more apt name for those intent on running around chopping off heads with a curved sword whilst uttering meaningless sounds.