Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Hands off!

Frit, who, as a direct result of Mussulmanic terrorism, has to suffer strip searching, x-rays and endoscopy virtually every time he boards an airplane, enters a public building or crosses the street, is seething with livid rage at the Canadian police chief who apologized to a Mussulmanic woman, and to the Mussulmanic community, when she complained that one of his officers patted her down when arresting her husband. Frit is beside himself at this outrage. Frit wants this police chief sacked. More, Frit wants this police chief sacked, deprived of his Canadian citizenship, excommunicated from the Christian church and divested of all the money he has swindled out of the Canadian taxpayer throughout his slimy lily-livered career, except for the price of a one-way ticket to Saudi Arabia, where, for the rest of his cowardly life, he shall ponder what a delightful society pandering to such harebrained drivel creates. As for the Mussulmanic woman concerned, Frit is already training a whisky drinking pig to pat her down next time.