Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Oh waht a sacrifice

The human race can be proud that its Hindu community conducted the largest animal sacrifice of all time in Nepal this week. Glancing at his calendar, Frit sees that this is the year 2009. Yes we have come this far! The head priest launched the event with the sacrifice of two rats, two pigeons, a rooster, a lamb and a pig. The crowd then rushed to a nearby field where 250 sword-wielding butchers began the mass slaughter of around 20,000 buffalo, brought by devotees to be sacrificed near the holy temple. Not wishing to be outdone when it comes to bizarre atrocity committed in the name of religion, the Mussulmanics, currently all in Mecca to walk in circles round a box, are planning their own version of this ceremony next year, intending to hack off the heads of 20,000 Hindus but leave out the pig.

One mainstream media outlet describes what is going on in the photograph as “slitting the throat”!