Thursday, 5 August 2010

Chalk wharf

Frit notes that hectomillionairess Chelsea Clinton just got married. Apparently, the name “Chelsea”, meaning “chalk wharf”, was decided upon by the parents in preference to “Tower Hamlets”, another London borough. The groom, thank goodness, is not the Kenyan farmer who offered Hillary 40 goats and 20 cows for the hand of her daughter some time ago because the Clintons rarely deal in figures followed by fewer than six noughts in connection with livestock or anything else. Instead, she wisely wed a wealthy banking Jew with big Democratic Party ties. The wedding was kept strictly private, perhaps in an attempt to conceal the fact of the groom’s religion (not his family politics) from the wonderful Arab world. Thus not a single one of the trash on the backs of whom the Clintons have achieved such fabulous wealth and prestige was invited, and rightly so. Nor was the press there, the tool through which that trash has been so well milked on the Clinton’s behalf for so long. All we know about the affair is that the wedding cake was gluten-free! Frit, who, despite all the security, managed to slip in through the catflap, took this photograph of the bride proudly showing off her wedding gown.