Wednesday, 25 August 2010

More cycling offences

Frit learns that two members of the Iranian cycling team are in all sorts of trouble for having celebrated something by publicly opening a bottle of champagne and spraying it around, just like the decadent sports kuffar does. Frit, whose gorge rises every time he witnesses a decadent sports kuffar performing this idiotic act nonetheless defends that moronic individual’s absurd right so to do. Frit also notes that Seyyed Ahmad ‘Alam al-Hoda, conservative cleric and Friday prayer leader in the city of Mashhad, Iran, voiced strong criticism over the participation of women in cycling competitions. He stressed that Islamic religious law categorically prohibits women from taking part in that kind of sport, and that broadcasting women’s cycling competitions on television offends the values of Iranian society, which, as he put it, must serve as a shining example of Islamic society. Maybe, once they’ve succeeded in inventing that long hoped for modest burka-bike for girls, things will change.