Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Olympics 2012

How amusing, gratifying and satisfying that the Mussulmanics are “angry” and “insulted” because the 2012 London Olympic Games have been scheduled during the holy season of Ramadan! Doubly amusing when one considers how low Britain is prepared to stoop to ingratiate itself with the Religion of Peace. What a faux pas! The nation is now in a panic and is “working with the Muslim Council of Great Britain to find ways to accommodate Ramadan during the London Games”.
Frit’s suggestion is that the Mussulmanics should hold their own all-Mussulmanic Olympics in the Mussulmanic country of their choice at any time of year they bloody well want. They can call it the Muslimpics. They can exclude women from all events. They can even include novel games like distance shoe throwing, competitive beheading and dismembering, honor killing hurdles, Jew jumping and the ever popular race to be first to breed with your closest relative.

The picture shows two members of the hopeful Moroccan all-girls ostrich chasing team whose shorts show a little too much ankle for Frit’s taste.