Thursday, 26 August 2010

Dishonorable talking cadaver for hire

Nice to know that, true to untruthful form, ex-unelected Prime Minster of the UK Boredom Brown, who, in April of this year told the gullible and the young that “Sarah and I might do charity or voluntary work, I don't want to do business or anything else. I just want to do something good“, has just signed up to the “speaking engagements” scam from which his predecessor, Blair, has made so many millions since leaving office. Frit supposes his new career will go well as he’s such a fascinating, charismatic, spontaneous and humorous man.
Another of his truth-challenged pronouncements earlier in the year was "I think you learn lessons all the time, and I'm always prepared to learn lessons, and always prepared to admit that if you made a mistake you've got to say that things can be done better." Notice the way the sentence begins with “I” in the smarmy philosophical part but quickly changes to “you” in the need for action part. How Brownlike.

Meanwhile, Frit learns that the two women who recently attempted to board a flight out of Britain with a deceased relative in a wheelchair wearing sunglasses, claiming he was asleep, thought they could get away with it because nobody stopped them back when they brought Brown into the country by the same method years ago.
The members of the audience at the first of Brown's speaking engagements, pictured, look as if they went to sleep when in actual fact they all died.