Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Inane bigot snubs friend

Multimillionairess Tribal Queen of Attitude Michelle has refused to embrace Billionaire Silvio Berlusconi, a staunch ally of America. They say she has a moral/womens’ issue with him due to all the tales they tell of his philanderings (which earn the Italian left a good living). Strangely, she has no moral/womens’ issue with submissively urinating at the feet of the King of Saudi Arabia, authoritarian despot and number one enemy of the free world, a man with 4 official wives, 7 sons and fifteen daughters, and, Frit suspects, a man who keeps an unknown number of “concubines” of assorted sexes and their brood under lock and key in his own private brothel, just like his dad, and, for all Frit knows, just like his 52 brothers. And maybe his 56 sisters.

Billionaire Berlusconi took it well, and even admires Michelle’s “suntan”.