Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Those who rule us are making a lot of fuss about the release from prison of the shoe thrower. In Frit’s view, instead of being released, the shoe thrower should be put in the same cell as the shoe bomber so they can enjoy their mutual fetish together and perhaps ultimately amalgamate into a shoe thrower bomber or a shoe bomber thrower.

Further to the subject of shoes, Frit would also like to inform all those who expect the provision of free health care in America that, recently, Frit discovered holes in his own shoes. Hardly surprising as Frit, always hard up, has been wearing the same pair of shoes since 1917. So Frit set off to obtain a new pair. He intended to obtain a free pair but, search as he might, he found none. No free shoes anywhere to be had. Nobody was making shoes and giving them away for free. The only shoes he could find were ones that people were making and putting on sale for money, so he had to pay for a pair. Bit like that with health care too.