Tuesday, 1 September 2009


More and more people from all over the world are writing to Frit to express their feelings of despair concerning the current American government and to ask Frit to take action. One prominent member of the international scientific community, who made money working very hard for one of those evil drugs companies that spend huge amounts of money on developing new products then refuse to issue them to us free of charge, writes:

“Dear Frit,

Further to one of your recent blog postings, the following

and the ballooning budget deficit make Obama a dangerous fool.

Plus have you seen what happened in Honduras? The leftist Chavez-allied president was ousted for trying to extend his term in defiance of the constitution but the US is inexplicably pressuring to have him restored to power.

My savings are in US dollars while the US throws away its power and security!!!”

The only way Frit can improve upon “dangerous fool” is “dangerous corrupt fool”.