Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The laughing policeman

In Britain, three men have been found guilty of conspiracy to murder by detonating explosive devices on trans-Atlantic aircraft. Are we clear that when we say, in this connection, “the proceedings have taken three years and cost an estimated £100m” we mean the sum of one hundred million pounds has been taken from the real wage earners of that country and given to policemen, solicitors and judges over a three year period merely in order to sort a group of miserable racist weirdoes the case against which was cut and dried in the first place, even to the untrained eye? And this money does not include the money paid to the educators for their past education at British schools and universities. Nor does it include the money yet to be paid to prison officers, psychiatrists, social workers and the like for bothering over their miserable, worthless lives in years to come.

Terrorism, like all forms of human endeavor, has its commercial aspects. But in a society run by Frit those commercial aspects would be kept to a very bare minimum. Vote Frit!